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What Yoga Class is for you?

  The school of yoga I teach  is Vinyasa, this links the "asanas" ( poses)  together in a "flow".
What class would suit you?

I like to think that anyone could drop into any of these classes as all classes are inclusive and have options for the experienced or beginner.  There is always something on offer.

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Mondays 9.30am

Beginners/ Refresh

Mondays are a great day to start anything. All of my classes are informal and have various options for you to opt out and in to.
Mondays Yoga is a steady paced flow with breathing work to begin rising to sun salutations and a little flow sequence in the centre to sweat a l

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Wednesday 7pm

Vinyasa Flow

Wednesday nights flow class moves a little swifter. We always begin by breathing and focusing on you. Then we move together building to a peak flow and returning to breath work and savasana at the end.

Image by Ginny Rose Stewart

Friday 9.30am

Ready For the Weekend

Fridays class is a mix of everything. Eeryone is welcome from beginners to those who practice a little more ofter. Breath work , sun salutations and all plenty of variations in the asanas on offer.

If you’d like more details, please get in touch.

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