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Yoga for Menopause : Classes

Yoga for Menopause

Yoga has some incredible positive benefits during whatever stage of the menopause you are transitioning through.

  The menopause can be a very challenging time physically and mentally, and has far more symptoms than just hot sweats and frustration. The menopause can present as depression, loss of direction in life, anxiety, paranoia, an inability to cope,  physically weaker ie osteoporosis etc and the list can go on.

Yoga can help build strength and resilience and not just physically but mentally too through breath work and relaxation.  I have found yoga to bring a sense of stillness in the madness of the very low days in my perimenopause. Please join me for a varied practice yoga class offering time for you to breathe a little deeper, move to feel good about your changing body and needs and finish then in relaxation.

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